Necessity of Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester(TVAT)
before malfunctioning

  • Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators are core devices of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants. Although high durability and reliability are required, the present inspection method can only carry out limited maintenance to specific hydraulic actuators such as troublesome actuators due to the characteristics of power plant. It can only be diagnosed with disassembly of actuators from the system.
  • It is a portable on-site performance prediction diagnostic tester that doesn’t have to go through the inconvenience of disassembly of the hydraulic actuator. It saves huge maintenance cost and allows the full inspection within a fixed maintenance period.
product image
product image
  • Actual preventive maintenance is possible through preliminary full inspection and performance evaluation with TVAT.
  • Ensures reliability of power generation maintenance through power plant self-certification test before installing system.