CEO's Greetings


Introduction of Company

Future Automation Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1998 as a company
with the mission of "Challenging mind and customer satisfaction".
Through the engineering, design, manufacture and installation of industrial sectors’ pneumatic,
hydraulic , and vacuum system, we are in charge of the efficiency, environmental management,
productivity, and product quality of each industry.

Especially, it is important to check the performance of turbine valve hydraulic actuators,
which is a core device installed to control the amount of steam supplied
to the turbines of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants.
"Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester (TVAT) for Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators"
evaluates performance through diagnosis of malfunctions in advance
and increased reliability of the power plant’s maintenance and diagnosis technology.
It was distributed to power plants and favorably received to power generation companies for its successful performance on the power plant site demonstration test.

The "Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester (TVAT) for Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators",
the world’s first developed tester in the area of futuristic automation, is a new product that has been verified
of its performance and successfully applied on the field of power plants.
We have gained the new product (NEP) certification, and we are concentrating on expanding
distribution to domestic power generation companies .
We are also mainly working on strengthening our marketing competence to secure overseas production
and sales based in China, Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia, and promoting new market openings.
Thank you
President Engineer K.C YOUN